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Review: Super Sparrow water bottle

Since my daughter has now reached the preschool age, it was time to get her a new and matching water bottle. It should be suitable for everyday life as well as for sports.
After some research, the choice fell on the Super Sparrow 17oz bottle in stylish pink. The insulating water bottle is suitable for dishwashers and is available in two different sizes. What experiences could we make?

The manufacturer promises the perfect thermo-water bottle, which is extremely durable and the double-wall vacuum insulation is to keep drinks 24 hours cold and 12 hours warm. It is free of toxins, plasticizers, hormones, etc. and should not affect the taste of the beverage. It is also available in two different sizes (17oz & 25oz).


The first impression of the Super Sparrow

In a word – great! The Super Sparrow* comes in a simple cardboard box containing all the ingredients. The manufacturer dispenses with unnecessary plastic bags and residues to be disposed of. All that remains after unpacking is the cardboard box, which can easily be disposed of in old paper. Great!

What will be delivered with the Super Sparrow water bottle

The bottle comes with fabric cover, which is very easy to peel off. When hiking, for example, you can attach the included carrying strap. The bottle body of the Super Sparrow has a slightly roughened surface and feels good in my hand as well as with my daughter. The pink lights up and the print of the logo looks very noble.
Inside the (of course still unwashed) bottle is a silicate bag. After removing the judge the bottle already surprisingly neutral.
The Super Sparrow comes with two closures. The somewhat nobler stainless steel clasp with bamboo wood and the suitable for sports closure with hinged mouthpiece made of plastic.
Also included are: two straws, a cleaning brush and a carabiner.

The individual components make a very high-quality impression.

Prices are changing, just have look on amazon*, to compare different sizes and colors.


Review: The Super Sparrow in the everyday test

We (or especially my 5-year-old daughter) have been using the Super Sparrow for a few weeks now and are very satisfied.

The Outside
Even after several smaller and larger falls you can not find a scratch or a bump on the bottle. Since a water bottle is a commodity, I can put up with the fact that you will see her at some point. But the Super Sparrow still looks like it has just been taken out of the box after several weeks!

The taste
No matter if water or juices, hot or cold, the drinks will not take any flavor of the bottle.

Is the bottle leak-proof
We mainly use plastic and straw clasps. My daughter can flip it up easily and easily and drink it out of the bottle on her own.
So far, the bottle has not leaked. The plastic closure is also designed so that the straw does not have to be bent down completely to close the bottle.

As a happy owner of a dishwasher, there is a small problem here. The plastic closure is pretty “bent”. No matter how you place the lid, water always collects somewhere. So you just have to wash it off by hand.


Super Sparrow thermal insulation

The manufacturer promises that the Super Sparrow* will keep the contents warm for up to 12 hours. We have tested this with the screw cap and relatively simple means once.

Insulation-Test 1
I heated water to exactly 140 Fahrenheit and filled the bottle with three quarters. This stall then sealed for 12 hours in a room about 75 Fahrenheit. At the end of the time, the temperature of the water was 102 Fahrenheit.

Insulation-Test 2
Once again, I heated the water to 140 Fahrenheit, filled the bottle by three quarters, but placed it on the balcony this time. The temperatures were around 45-50 Fahrenheit. After 12 hours, the temperature was 82 Fahrenheit.

The phrase “keep warm” is relative. Our tests show that while the temperature is decreasing, the content is still warm. The test can therefore be described as “passed”. In addition, we are on our trips only a few hours on the road, so our drinks do not have to stay warm / cold for so long. You have to be in a life-threatening situation to have to divide your drink over such a long period of time. Therefore, the test result is absolutely acceptable.

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