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5 water sprinkler for kids you should know

In summer, children want to cool off a bit and have fun in the garden. Do you remember your childhood when you walked under the sprinkler during the heat in order to be able to bear the glistening sun better?

Surely you can use a simple sprinkler for children. With these, you can irrigate the lawn and give the children some fun. For more action, you should use suitable water toys for children.

These devices are specially designed for children and are safe to use. Here you do not run the risk of children or the play equipment being damaged quickly.

Which water sprinklers are best suited for your garden?

Here you will find product suggestions for your children so that they can really let off steam in the water. The water sprinklers for children offer a long and relatively inexpensive play fun. We know that there are a lot of great water sprinklers* out there. We collected a list of the 5 we like most.

Kids playing with the water hose

What is a water sprinkler?

You will most likely already have a lawn sprinkler in the garden. Maybe you have a large garden and a sprinkler for large lawns. Or you want to work inconspicuously and use retractable sprinklers. What is the difference to a water sprinkler?

An exact definition and demarcation cannot always be made. Sometimes lawn sprinklers and sprinklers are used synonymously. This means that a conventional sprinkler can also be called a sprinkler.

However, in most cases a sprinkler is an irrigation consisting of finer droplets. Depending on the product, a sprinkler can have a stronger water jet and achieve a long-range.

A sprinkler is colloquially but rather associated with a spray rain. The sprinkler either brings the water from above like a sprinkler system or it produces a water sprinkling from the lawn.

The sprinkler is usually more suitable for children because the jet is much finer here. Thus the danger of injury is smaller and also completely many children can stand at the same time in this water fountain.

What a water sprinkler for children should have

The water sprinklers for children are primarily to be regarded as a fun device. They are designed by the manufacturers in such a way that the main focus is on fun and safety. They can therefore only be used to a limited extent to water the lawn.

Of course you can also use these sprinklers for irrigation, but the results will not be as convincing and the water will be used very inefficiently.

The design of these sprinklers is particularly appealing. They are specially designed for children and make them want to play with them. Depending on age and preferences, they are designed like clowns, small animals or favourite film characters. So you can create a unique play landscape.

There are even products with a learning effect. As you will see in the following product overview, there are models where children can balance objects with the water jet. In this way, your children can playfully learn about the power of water and its effects on the environment.

Water Sprinkler Toys

If you are interested in buying a water sprinkler for children, here are 5 recommendations that will make your children happy. This play equipment is very inexpensive to obtain and at the next garden party it will be a complete success. You can concentrate fully on barbecuing or spend a relaxed afternoon with your friends while the children are busy with the play equipment.

Aqua Clown

Clowns are not always a positive experience for all children. But this sprinkler* in the form of a clown is very likely to delight the children. He shoots his hat up and with it the already mentioned learning effect is achieved.

The toddlers stand tense around the clown and try to influence the direction of the hat. Who’s wet-spraying the hat and how does this “magic” work?

It is not for nothing that this device has very high ratings and buyers are highly satisfied. The more pressure you put on this sprinkler, the higher the heat rises. From there the hat distributes the water and splashes on the little water friends.

The installation is also very simple. Connect the garden hose, turn on the water and the fun can begin. For children from 3 years, this is one of the funniest ways to enjoy the water in summer.


Not only clowns are interesting for children. The show with the mouse has shown the way and blue elephants are a true cult among toddlers. You can bring a blue elephant into the garden with this aquafant*. As an additional design feature, a small red mouse sits on the elephant.

Like real elephants, this “Aquafant” splashes the water out of its trunk. The numerous movable elements provide for special play fun. If the water flows, the ears turn and the mouse also sprays water.

In this way the water from the trunk is sprayed upwards and the mouse distributes the water in a circle around the elephant. This gives the children double cooling and makes the water sprinkler all the more interesting.

The manufacturer is the same as the Aqua Clown and the Sprinkler is characterized by its high quality. Completely “Made in Germany” you can be sure that the product has been tested and is not made of harmful plastics.

Star Wars Water Sprinklers

Are your children Star Wars fans or are you yourself a fan of this film series? There are some products from Star Wars and often these are connected with a high surcharge.

This is not the case with this Star Wars water sprinkler and it is available at a fair price. Before you can spray the water with BB-8, you have to inflate it, because it is an air-filled water sprinkler.

This has the advantage that you can take it with you wherever you go. You can even use this sprinkler on holiday or with your neighbors. When the water is connected, this BB-8 sprays three small fountains out of its head.

Even if you don’t want to connect a garden hose, you can use this inflatable BB-8 as a normal play device in the garden. So this robot can roll over the lawn like in the movies and provide plenty of fun.

For real Star Wars fans this sprinkler is my warmest recommendation.

Paddling pool with sprinkler

When choosing a beautiful water play for your children, you don’t have to choose between a sprinkler and a paddling pool. You can also combine both products, as is the case with this pool. Paddling pools suitable for children can be purchased online from Top Poolstore.

The paddling pool is great fun to play with and the sprinkler provides a little more variety if splashing around alone is too boring.

As this pool is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years of age and they are usually not yet able to swim independently, the safety requirements are particularly high. The four safety valves keep the water level constant at 20 centimeters. This prevents the water from posing a danger. However, you should not let very young children play unattended in this paddling pool.

An adapter for the appropriate connection to the garden hose is included and if you let the water run, the fun can begin.

Twister in water

Do you know the balance game Twister, where you have to touch the mat with different parts of your body and must not get out of balance?

Now there is a version for the garden where you can splash some water out of the mat. For children, this not only guarantees a lot of fun but also improves their coordination skills.

While children spend a lot of time in the house and either sit in front of the TV or have to concentrate well at school, their physical abilities are sometimes neglected. With this Twister game the balance is improved and this represents a good balance to the other sitting activities.

When balancing, the playing children are cooled down by the sprinklers at the edge of the inflatable mat. The one who holds the balance on the mat the longest is the winner.

But fun is guaranteed for everyone.

What is important?

If you are interested in a sprinkler that is supposed to be fun to play with for your children, you should pay particular attention to age restrictions. Most of the sprinklers presented here are for children between the ages of 3 and 6. For older children, the sprinklers may be too small or simply too boring.

Children under the age of three can also use sprinklers. However, as a supervisor you should instruct the children and support them in playing.

When playing with water, safety should always be guaranteed. You can assume that the sprinklers and water games presented here are of high quality. Not only were these products rated as very good by the numerous buyers, but they are also subject to strict rules during production in Germany. So you have long fun with the products and your children can look forward to the coming season.

Before buying, you should also think about how you want to store the sprinklers. Some products are made of plastic and there must be enough space for them to be stored.

If you have less storage space, you can use the inflatable water features. These also have the advantage that they are easier to transport and can also be brought to the lake or to friends in the garden.

Hose for watering system.

Connecting the hose

You don’t have to worry much about the connection. With a garden hose you lead the water into the playground equipment and in many cases, adapters are included if these are needed.

The stronger the water pressure, the higher the fountain and the play equipment can move faster. Water consumption is very low, but for the sake of your lawn you should not leave the water device on the same spot for an entire afternoon. This can affect the lawn a little.




Cooling down in summer does not always have to be done with a conventional shower. Children have a natural urge to play with water and the medium is very interesting for them.

In a very simple way you can give your children a good time with the water sprinklers presented here. Simply connect the garden hose and the water is distributed.

So you can inspire your children already in the young age for the movement and partly have the play devices even a positive learning effect.

What could be better than using such a sprinkler in summer at high temperatures?

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