Test: Water bottle Camelbak Eddy for Kids

Now that my daughter’s daycare is over and her school days have begun, it was time for a new water bottle. The choice fell on the Camelbak Eddy for children with a volume of 400ml.

In addition to the attractive design, a clever closure and good workmanship, the lifetime guarantee is a big plus. In addition, individual parts can be purchased. So the company is convinced of its product and focuses on sustainability.

The first impression – scope of delivery

The bottle arrives simply packed and is only protected by a plastic bag. The mouthpiece is also covered with plastic to guarantee that it is brand new.
Otherwise, it is connected to a small cardboard holder on which the most important information is noted in English and Spanish.
In the sense of sustainability, everything has been reduced to the essentials.

The scope of delivery includes the actual plastic container, the cap, the mouthpiece made of rubber and optionally the straw.

Of course, the bottle has a certain plastic smell, but it is also pointed out that it should be cleaned before the first use (dishwasher safe according to the manufacturer).

The closure of the Camlebak Eddy

The technique of closure is as simple as it is ingenious.
The mouthpiece goes from the inside of the lid to the opening from which you drink. When the lid is open, the liquid flows through it.
If the drinking opening is folded back and closed, the rubber in the middle is stretched so that no more liquid can flow through.

This strains the material and you can be sure that you will have to reorder exactly this part at some point. That will show up and we will share our experiences with you.

When can a child use the bottle?

Camelbak himself states that the bottle can be used for children from the age of 3 years. The cap is easy to open and I can imagine that younger children will also be able to use it.

Advantages and purchase reasons

  • Easy opening for children 3 years and older
  • Perfect size for small backpacks
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Repurchase of individual parts
  • By twist lock, one has a second alternative opening



In the coming weeks we will report about the bottle every now and then. Since it has no insulating effect, the focus is on longevity, with a special focus on the mouthpiece.
If necessary we will see, how it will look with an exchange or Nachkauf of spare parts.

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