Kids in the kindergarten with there bottlles

Water bottles for kids

For smaller children you should probably start with a drinking bottle with a straw. This also often helps with “drink-lazy” nursery children.
Bottles with a twist or bow closure may be more for children for children who get along with the technology.

It is important that drinking is not a cumbersome task for the children. Then maybe they drink less and we all know how important drinking is.
Watch your child, the children often exchange the bottles on the playground or the daycare. Then you may realize which preferences your own has.
In the worst case you have to test different bottles and compare.


For the 1-2 year old child in nursery

In kindergarten, infants are still dependent on the help of their parents or educators. So if the kids are getting thirsty and want to drink, they have to help them. Either the child already drinks directly from the bottle and it helps to put on and off or it drinks with a straw.

So it is important that the bottle is quick and easy to open and close, basically does not leak and no easily removable part, which may have a possible ingestion, are available.


Water bottles with straw

These bottles are very convenient as they are usually easy to open and very leak-proof. You do not have to angle them while drinking, so nothing spills or overflows. Some children find it difficult to drink from a straw, but that can easily be tested at home.
Most children enjoy this special form of drinking, so it’s a refreshing game in between on hot days.


Water bottle with screw cap

These bottles have the advantage that they consist of a few individual parts and are therefore easy to clean. So you can also be sure that a quick rinsing in nursery leads to the desired result.
In addition, the children practice “real” drinking and as an adult you can use these bottles for themselves.
The danger that something might leak is a bit higher here, especially when driving in a car, for example. But with a 1 or 2 year old child you should be used to it 😉


How good is the push-pull opening?

These bottles have a closure which can be opened by pulling it upwards and closing it by pushing it in again. The problem is that the closure may be difficult for the child to open.

In addition, children tend to chew on the closure and thereby small parts can be solved. Smaller children anyway do not drink alone and so the opening can be taken over by the parents. For example, if the bottle is used in nursery, the educators must closely monitor the drinking.
The cleaning is also (usually) a little more complicated because the bottles consist of many individual parts.
BUT they have a decisive advantage, the opening of the closure is so small that you can usually drink directly from the bottle. Thus, one has a push-pull opening and a screw cap in one. Practical if you want to drink a sip and have an alternative opening.


Water bottle with push button opening

The company Nalgene has launched an alternative closure on the market. The opening can be closed with a flap and additionally sealed with a metal ring. If you want to open the bottle, you simply fold down the metal ring and the bottle can be opened simply by pressing a button.

Nalgene water bottles are available in different versions, you have the choice between different sizes and designs.

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