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Water sprinklers for the garden – 6 important systems and how they work

Sprinklers are driven by water pressure. They make it much easier for you to water your beds and lawn in summer temperatures.

The larger your garden, the more sensible it is to replace a simple sprinkler with a comfortable automatic irrigation system. Not only do you save time, you also water your plants in a water-saving way and contribute to the protection of a scarce environment and increasingly scarce resources.

A simple sprinkler, such as a hose sprinkler or a spray, is sufficient for irrigating small wells. It is up to you to decide which model is best suited for your garden and your personal needs. If you have just laid out a garden, a simple sprinkler is recommended as an entry-level model.

Criteria for a water sprinkler

An important criterion when buying a sprinkler is the throwing distance. This is determined by the size of your garden/lawn. If the throwing distance is too small, individual areas remain dry. If the range is too high, the neighbouring property will be watered regularly.

Before you choose a sprinkler, you should find out whether the water pressure is high enough. If your garden is very large, you can use a pump to create a sufficiently high water pressure.

Also make sure that the sprinkler has the correct connection diameter. This and other information on the model can be found on the packaging of the appliance.

Your new sprinkler must continue to be UV-resistant and of high quality. Models with stainless steel gears cost a little more, but the costs are amortized by the significantly longer service life. Make sure you choose a high-quality product with a removable filter. This is the only way to ensure that the nozzles do not clog up quickly and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Square sprinkler in the garden

Square sprinklers

Square sprinklers are equipped with several tiltable spray nozzles. The water escapes through these nozzles at the same time. You can adjust the water pressure on most models by means of a rotary switch. It determines the throwing distance of your lawn sprinkler.

Perfect sprinkler for lawn

In addition to classic models (like this cheap one on amazon) that you simply place on the ground, these sprinklers are also available as pop-up sprinklers. They are mainly used on larger lawns in parks and sports facilities.

This version of the square sprinkler is installed directly in the ground. The pop-up sprinklers are equipped with a timer. When the water pressure rises, they automatically run up at the specified time and start watering.

A pop-up sprinkler offers you the advantage that you no longer have to worry about watering your garden. Irrigation irrigators do this work automatically. They also offer the advantage that your lawn is free of tripping hazards.


Important criteria

Important criteria to consider when selecting a square sprinkler are installation, adjustment options, handling, area size, uniformity, overpressure protection, workmanship and stability.

The sprinkler must be made of robust, weatherproof material. It should also be able to withstand a 1 metre drop onto a paved or concreted surface without damage.

When choosing your new square sprinkler, make sure it is solidly processed. The square sprinkler must not have any sharp edges.

Overpressure protection
A quality sprinkler works perfectly with a water pressure of 5 bar. Particularly high-quality four-way sprinklers are designed for a load capacity of 10 bar.

Irrigation must be uniform. Puddles of water must not form in some places, while others are not sufficiently watered.

Area size
The sprinkler’s irrigation capacity must be adapted to the area to be irrigated. This parameter is printed on the packaging.

Good four-way sprinklers can be operated intuitively, even without instructions. Make sure sliders and knobs are large enough and easily accessible.

Adjustment options
Different spray thicknesses must be adjustable.

It should be possible to position the square sprinkler without any additional aids.

Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation systems were designed for the irrigation of larger areas. They are hoses with several holes. The water flows out of these holes evenly and water your plants gently.


How drip irrigation systems work?

That watering sensitive plants is laborious. A drip irrigation system provides a remedy. You simply connect it to the water supply and lay the hose on your lawn or in your greenhouse. The evenly spaced holes guarantee that all plants are supplied with a sufficient amount of water. Drip irrigation system are supplied ready for connection and can be used immediately. The spray strength is regulated by the water pressure.

Drip irrigation system are inexpensive and very easy to handle. All you have to do is remember to remove your drip irrigation system from your lawn before mowing.


What is drip irrigation?

Droplet irrigation is an irrigation technique in which only small, precisely dosed quantities of water are delivered to your plants via a hose sprinkler. The amount of water varies between 2 and 4 litres per hour. Droplet irrigation is suitable for use under foil and glass and in the field. Drip irrigation is also increasingly used in viticulture. Droplet irrigation is carried out with a very low water pressure. This may be between 0.1 and 4 bar. Automated drip irrigation is used in commercial horticultural businesses.

Advantages of this irrigation technique are the saving of water and the avoidance of water loss through evaporation. The use of drip irrigation is particularly advantageous on soils that can only store small amounts of water. Due to the water savings that you achieve with a hose sprinkler, the initial costs pay for themselves within a very short time.


Which variants are the best?

Drip irrigation system are offered for above-ground and underground use. You also have the choice between a drip hose, pearl hose and complete hose sprinkler systems. Hose sprinklers installed underground press the water close to the roots. Overwatering can be ruled out. The water is directed to where it is needed and evaporation losses cannot be avoided with above-ground irrigation with a hose sprinkler. Hose sprinklers are offered by the metre and as hose systems. Hose systems can be extended by plugging together if necessary. To shorten the hose, remove elements.

Garden sprinkler rotating

Spray sprinklers

The operation of a sprinkler can be explained quickly: To water a certain area comfortably, you only have to fix your sprinkler by means of the earth spike or stand and connect the hose to the waterline. With the small nozzles, areas can be sprayed at angles of 90°, 180° and 360°. The maximum throw distance of the sprinklers is 3 meters.


  • Spray nozzles offer you several advantages: They can also be used to water curved and angled beds and lawns sufficiently and effortlessly.
  • The optimum spray angle can be individually adjusted at the nozzle. Spray sprinklers continue to score with their quick, child’s play installation and handling.
  • With different nozzles, which the manufacturers offer for their products, you can optimally adapt the throwing distance and form of the irrigation to the local conditions.
  • Models equipped with a robust ground spike can also be securely anchored on uneven or sloping terrain.
  • Sprinklers sprinkle your plants with very fine drops of water. Sensitive plants are not damaged during sprinkling. This is why this sprinkler model can also be recommended for watering seedlings.
  • Overwatering is also excluded. Due to its compact dimensions, you can also use a spray nozzle to water your balcony plants, tub plants and terrace plants.
  • Spray sprinklers can be stored in a space-saving way. They are also very inexpensive sprinklers and affordable for everyone.



  • The disadvantage of this comfortable irrigation method is that water losses due to evaporation cannot be avoided.


Criteria to consider when buying a sprinkler

In order to enjoy your sprinkler for a long time, you must pay attention to the following criteria when selecting a product: A sufficient hose length and the quality of the hose supplied are important factors.

You should therefore carefully measure the area on which your sprinkler is used. It is imperative that the nozzle is made of robust, rustproof materials and should be equipped with various adjustment options.

Ensure that the connections are compatible. If you want to use your sprinkler on uneven ground or on slopes, the product must be equipped with a hard-wearing ground spike. Another important selection criterion is a uniform spray performance of the nozzle.

Pop-up sprinkler in the garden

Pop up sprinkler

Pop up sprinklers water your plants evenly. The sprinklers are automatically pushed out of the ground by the rising water pressure at the watering time preset by you. Once watering is complete, the resistant springs lower the sprinkler nozzles back into the ground in seconds.

Different types of pop up sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers are offered in various designs. You have the choice between sprinklers that function like an impulse sprinkler or like a circular sprinkler. You can also choose between classic square sprinklers and large-area sprinklers in a retractable version.

With an impulse sprinkler, you can completely adjust the entire area to the individual water requirements of your plants. Partial and full circle sprinklers are available.

The models of the different manufacturers differ further by the adjustment possibilities, throw distance and additional features. These can be a water stop, vandalism protection or a slip clutch.


Criteria to consider when buying a pop-up sprinkler

In order to find the best choice for your garden, you must take the following factors into account when making your choice. The most important prerequisite for the operation of a pop-up irrigation system is an underground water supply. Further relevant criteria are the size of the areas to be watered. The throw distance of the sprinkler must be adapted to your lawn.

It should also be possible to set different fine spray thicknesses on the product. Tender plants can be damaged by a water jet that is too strong.

It must be possible to preset all parameters (time, watering duration, exact area). The electronic control must be easy to program.

A large-area sprinkler is recommended on an angled property. With this sprinkler you can prevent that also the neighbouring garden, your sitting corner and the dog kennel are unintentionally watered.

The pop-up sprinkler should also be made of weatherproof, rust-resistant materials and have a solid finish. Sharp edges can cause injury.

A high-quality pop-up sprinkler can work without any problems with a water pressure of 5 bar. Particularly powerful sprinklers can handle up to 10 bar.

Rotating water sprinkler

Circular sprinkler

Circular sprinklers are available as retractable and erectable versions. Numerous manufacturers offer suitable tripods for your products. They are simply placed on the ground. In addition, there is also a variant with a ground spike. A circular sprinkler with ground spike is simply inserted into the ground. A particularly comfortable version is a circular sprinkler on rollers. To change location during sprinkling, grasp your circular sprinkler by the hose and pull it to the desired position.

Circular sprinklers can be equipped with one or more spray nozzles. On models with several nozzles, these are mounted on several arms. With this design the entire head rotates and a full circle is always watered. On models equipped with only one nozzle, the head rotates only gradually until it rotates completely around its own axis or to the angle you have set. This type of circular sprinkler is usually equipped with an additional control screw or a splitting wedge. At the outlet the water jet is divided into tiny droplets by means of the wedge or the nozzle. In this way, the water is distributed over a larger area. This prevents puddles from forming and sensitive plants from being damaged by an excessively strong water jet.

Water sprinkler also for small areas

Important selection criteria are the design of the sprinkler and the size of the area to be irrigated. For the irrigation of a small plot of land with a maximum size of 300 square metres, a small circular sprinkler that can be set up is sufficient.

Combine and scale

Large circular sprinklers can irrigate an area with a radius of up to 26 metres. With a retractable circular sprinkler, you save additional precious time, as this variant automatically lifts out of the ground when the tap is turned on. Tripping hazards are avoided. You can mow your lawn without having to remove the sprinklers beforehand.

Consider whether you need a model with one or more nozzles. You must also make sure that your new circular sprinkler is compatible with existing couplings, hoses and water connections, and that the model you choose is easy to activate and operate.

If you want to irrigate larger areas with circular sprinklers, you need to consider how many sprinklers you will need. In order to enjoy your new sprinkler for a long time, the product must be of high quality. The material should be stable, rust and weather resistant.

Not all circular sprinklers are equipped with an adjustment option. Products for which you can preset the angle can be adjusted steplessly for some products, but only in steps for other models. Before making a purchase decision, be sure to check the accessories supplied and the manufacturer’s range of accessories. The stand should already be included in the scope of delivery for circular sprinklers for setting up.

Impulse sprinkler on the field

Impulse sprinkler

Like other sprinkler models, impulse sprinklers are supplied with water via a hose. Impulse sprinklers are equipped with only one nozzle. It is very easy to use. The sprinklers are equipped with a coupling on which you simply plug your garden hose.

The water jet that emerges from your impulse sprinkler is initially directed at only one point. The water pressure generates impulses which set your sprinkler in rotation. As the water jet of this sprinkler is not distributed to several nozzles, an impulse sprinkler has a particularly long throw.

These sprinklers are equipped with a jet interfering screw or a jet separator. The screw or the separator has the function of converting the jet into fine droplets so that these are distributed over a large area. A specific construction and a spring ensure that your impulse sprinkler continues to turn to the side with each impulse received. This causes several sectors to be irrigated one after the other in a circle.

If required, you can combine several impulse sprinklers. In this case, however, you must take into account that the throw distance of the individual sprinklers is reduced. Most models are designed for a water pressure between 2 and 4 bar and can therefore be connected to a conventional water pipe in the water supply network.

Variants of the Impulse Sprinkler

Impulse sprinklers are made of either cast aluminium or plastic. The sprinklers are offered for different requirements. They are available as circular or circular sprinklers, sector sprinklers, sprinklers with pedestal, earth spike or with stand and as pulsation sprinklers for different surface sizes.

Applications of impulse sprinklers

Impulse sprinklers are ideal for irrigating larger round lawns and beds in your garden. In addition, the area to be irrigated can be limited to a specially defined sector by means of an integrated sector limitation. Typical applications are larger private gardens and sports facilities. Impulse sprinklers are also used in agriculture.

Criteria that must be observed when purchasing an impulse sprinkler

  • Size of irrigation area
  • Uniformity in irrigation
  • throw
  • Processing and
  • adjustment options
  • connection possibilities
  • included accessories
  • integrated extras (sector setting)
  • Possibility of installation (ground spike, stand or tripod)
  • Connector compatibility
  • Circular or sector sprinklers
  • Brand, Manufacturer

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