Kid chilling and drinking

When will you give a baby bottle?

This question can not be answered in a general way for all newborns – every child develops differently. Doctors and scientists agree that every newborn should be breast-fed for at least the first four months (at least six months for allergy-prone children).
There are several reasons why mothers need to stop breastfeeding earlier. In some cases, it may not be possible to breastfeed for health reasons, then you must think about the purchase of a bottle.


Water bottles as a substitute for the maternal breast

Whenever you pay attention to which bottle your parents buy in Germany and Europe for their babies, you usually read one name – “Avent”. That too right.
Avent’s drinking bottles have a naturally shaped, wide and breast-like shaped teat that facilitates their child’s natural drinking habits. This makes it particularly easy to accustom the babies to the drinking bottle and is suitable for combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding.
Nurseries and day-care centers have also recognized the benefits and, as a rule, Avent drinking bottles in use.

Avent Newborn Starter-Set

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My baby has problems holding the bottle:
Many babies have problems with this (for them) novel object in their hands. It may help to practice holding the bottle in the bath. With the bottle floating in the water, your baby does not have to deal with the weight, but can concentrate fully on holding.


Drinking cup (Training cup) instead of bottle?

Again, this question can not be answered blankly and depends on the baby’s preferences.

When to start with a drinking cup?

Change to a cup as early as possible to avoid misalignment of the jaw and teeth. At the latest when the baby begins to eat complementary food, should also be drunk so that it does not cause constipation. Breast-fed babies, on the other hand, do not need additional drinks as their fluid needs are covered by breastfeeding.
Your baby should definitely be able to keep his head self-sufficient and already show interest in meals.




At first, it makes sense to choose a leak-proof mug, as this saves a lot of nerve and time. There are several manufacturers who have brought very good solutions to the market here.
In addition, the cup should be “easy to use” of course. Without great effort and cumbersome sucking, in order to prepare the baby no circumstances.


Simple drinking cups

Due to the oblique shape, the baby can easily look into the cup while drinking and thus more easily estimate how much it wants to drink. This makes the coordination of all movements easier and learning is easier in most cases.


Leak-proof drinking cups

These cups have a novel opening and are sealed with a silicone lid. If the baby wants to drink and attaches the cup, the lid simply lifts through the suction motion. Then the lid closes again and prevents leakage. The cup can be used from all sides. So later only the lid has to be “weaned off”.

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